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Sue Huang Principal Investigator More information

Sue Huang - Principal Investigator

Dr. Sue Huang is a virologist, the principal investigator (PI) for the WellKiwis (i.e. SHIVERS-III) study. She is also the PI for SHIVERS-I and SHIVERS-II and the director of the WHO National Influenza Centre at ESR.

She received her PhD in virology from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA.  Her area of expertise is infectious and pathogenic human viruses, particularly influenza, other respiratory viruses, polio and other enteroviruses, including studying aetiological agents, diagnostic methods, routes and modes of transmission, viral pathogenesis and host immune responses, disease burden and related risk factors, vaccine effectiveness, viral ecology and evolution.

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Karen Daniells Stakeholder Manager More information

Karen Daniells - Stakeholder Manager

Karen lives in Wellington with her partner and 14 year old son. She has been a midwife for over 20 years and most of that time she has been providing care for women and whānau all over the Wellington region.

Karen trained in the UK and worked in a midwifery team providing both homebirth and complex care in a tertiary facility. In New Zealand, she has worked as a lead maternity carer in a group practice, a midwife in an innovative continuity care team for women with complex care needs, a sole charge midwife in a birthing unit, an associate clinical midwifery manager on the delivery suite at Wellington Hospital and a Clinical Midwifery Manager at Hutt maternity. She is a strong advocate for evidence based, women and whānau centred care and has been involved in research throughout her career.

While working with the Women’s Health Research Centre on a project reviewing the cases of women who became critically unwell in New Zealand, Karen became aware of the high risk and huge impact that influenza had on pregnant women, babies and whānau. She became involved with WellKiwis because she believes that, with the help of Wellington families, this research will significantly contribute to protecting the health of families, not only in Wellington, but all over the world.

As part of the WellKiwis team, Karen is working with Wellington midwives, obstetricians and other health professionals to invite expectant mums and whānau to find out about and get involved with the WellKiwis study.

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Tineke Jennings Associate Clinical Nurse Manager More information

Tineke Jennings - Associate Clinical Nurse Manager

This is the second year I have had the privilege of leading the clinical team. I have been nursing for over twenty years in a variety of settings, including maternity (postnatal ward/neonatal intensive care unit), aged care, district, public health. I have a Certificate in Public Health and Post Graduate Certificate in nursing, both from Massey University where I also completed my nursing training.

I am passionate about improving our participants experiences to make the study as easy as possible to be involved with, I also want to ensure the study is well known and people want to be part of it. I am proud of the awesome clinical team we have brought together for the study, with such a variety of knowledge and experience among the team.

I live with my fiancé in a blended family made up of his two and my two children (my eldest is now studying down in Christchurch) and our two Chinese Shar-Pei pups in Porirua. I enjoy music and sing and play the flute, enjoy walking the dogs and getting out exploring.

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Lauren Jelley Technical Lead Virology More information

Lauren Jelley - Technical Lead Virology

Lauren Jelley is a Senior Scientist in charge of the Clinical Virology Department based at ESR’s Wallaceville Science Centre in Wellington.

Lauren is a scientist whose research interests focus on viruses that cause human disease such as respiratory viruses, arboviruses and enteroviruses including polio.  She is part of an international research group that have multiple research projects currently running, called WellKiwi (i.e SHIVERS III) and SHIVERS II. This research is focused on the influenza virus and is looking at the effects of vaccination, as well as household transmission.

Lauren gained her undergraduate degree at Victoria University in Wellington, and her Masters in Applied Science at RMIT in Melbourne Australia.  She has previously worked at VIDRL and at the WHO Collaborating Centre of Influenza Reference and Research in Melbourne.

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Leigh Emmerton Registered Nurse More information

Leigh Emmerton - Registered Nurse

Leigh is a registered nurse and midwife who has spent many years working within women's health, research, and children's nursing before joining the WellKiwis study.

She has two adult children and enjoys getting out into the bush for a bike ride or run.