We need better influenza vaccines. Can you help?

The WellKiwis studies follow children and households, watching closely to see how the first exposure to the flu or flu vaccine influences their ongoing immune response to the flu as they grow, and how the flu is spread in a household study.

The findings will hopefully lead to a universal flu vaccine for everyone, prevent pandemics and save lives. 

There are fantastic benefits for those involved with the study! To learn more about the benefits and how you can join an amazing study, please watch the video and click on the links below.


COVID-19 research is now incorporated into the study. We can tailor our knowledge and understanding of flu variants and the components behind developing a universal flu vaccine to COVID-19.

New Zealand's response to COVID-19 has put us in a unique position. As there has been very little community outbreak, we have no natural antibodies, and the immune response to COVID-19 is solely based on the vaccine. How we respond to the vaccine will provide vital information for the global community.


As COVID-19 continues to spread in the community, to protect our participants and the clinical team, we are changing our study processes and self-swabbing will be used if our nurses are unable to visit you in the home to collect a swab. To learn more about self-swabbing please on the self-swabbing page.


Sunday TVNZ

WellKiwis was featured on TVNZ’s Sunday show. Watch below to learn how WellKiwis is helping develop better vaccines including COVID-19.


WellKiwis Infant Study

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WellKiwis Household

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